Bill C-81 – the Accessible Canada Act

Minister of Employment and Social Development, Kirsty Duncan announced the Bill C-81, The Accessible Canada Act on June 20th, 2018. The bill fulfilled the promise for the disabled Canadians a country that would allow them to move without any barriers. The best part of the act is that it allows the disabled Canadians to work fully in their communities and workplaces. The minister also ensured that this is not the only step which the government is taking for such a noble cause. The federal will continue to strive for the best and we will make sure that this part of the society never faces any kinds of issues at all. The Bill C-81, The Accessible Canada Act will also make sure that the right number of the disabled people is brought to light. Continue reading “Bill C-81 – the Accessible Canada Act”

Inclusive employment in Canada

Call of concepts is all that is required by the Canadian government to ensure that the inclusive employment thrives. There are many companies in Canada that are working in line with The Employment Equity Act to ensure that the physically and mentally handicapped people are supported. The costs could be very high which not a good sign is at all. The Signs Restaurant that gained popularity by exclusively employing deaf people has closed its doors. If the case is thoroughly followed then it is known that the upfront costs for training employees from the scratch was one of the major issues. The inclusive employment is still being supported by the Canadian government as it ensures that the underrated sector of the society gets the exposure which is required. Continue reading “Inclusive employment in Canada”

Canadian inclusive employment market diversification

The best part of this Canadian market is the private sector. As per Canadian government research of 2013, the private sector is of the view that the people with disabilities have been underrated. This sector is also of the view that these people are more productive and therefore hiring such sector will bring long-term benefits to the companies. This is something that has been instilled in the minds of executives by continuous efforts of the government. The fact, however, remains quiet discouraging for such people. They are employed in far fewer organizations as compared to the normal people. The best part is that the programs are being conducted to show the employers that these people have a lot to offer. There are many factors which should be considered. These factors make sure that the diversification of the Canadian inclusive employment market is highlighted. This will also highlight all the key elements which make these factors stronger. Continue reading “Canadian inclusive employment market diversification”

What is inclusive employment?

There are many employers in the world that support and hire on the basis of inclusive employment. The fact of the matter is that there are many employers that even foster this kind of initiative and make it a frontline of the hiring process. There are many issues which are related to the minds of employees when it comes to the idea. It is all due to the fact that they are unaware of the facts which are associated with the inclusive employment. For many people the term is new and therefore they are not fully aware what the idea has in store for them. The main phenomenon which is related to the inclusive employment is the fact that everyone that considers him or her as a special part of the society gets a chance to work. The renowned organizations of the world also make sure that the idea is fostered. There are many factors which are associated with the inclusive employment and thereby making the idea simple. Some of these are very general and some are intricate so understanding these ideas is very important. Continue reading “What is inclusive employment?”