Canada legislation

Bill C-81 – the Accessible Canada Act

Minister of Employment and Social Development, Kirsty Duncan announced the Bill C-81, The Accessible Canada Act on June 20th, 2018. The bill fulfilled the promise for the disabled Canadians a country that would allow them to move without any barriers. The best part of the act is that it allows the disabled Canadians to work fully in their communities and workplaces. The minister also ensured that this is not the only step which the government is taking for such a noble cause. The federal will continue to strive for the best and we will make sure that this part of the society never faces any kinds of issues at all. The Bill C-81, The Accessible Canada Act will also make sure that the right number of the disabled people is brought to light.

Current number of disabling Canadians

According to some estimates, about 14% of the total Canadian population has been registered as disables. This means that about 3.8 million Canadians are registered in this regard. According to various stakeholders, the number which is presented to the nation are not the correct ones and they are higher. Another rising problem before Bill C-81, The Accessible Canada Act was that the disabled people in Canada were considered to be poor and they were living a below average life. This act has created equal opportunities for the class and will allow them to get the best out of their livelihoods.

Passing of Bill C-81, the Accessible Canada Act

The best part of the Bill C-81, The Accessible Canada Act is that it has been fought for by the common Canadians. Minister Kirsty also said that polls were conducted and about 6000 Canadians participated to make sure that the best and results are decided. The government has also participated fully in the process and has heard the voice of Canadians. She also said that the government officials held meetings all over Canada to make sure that feedback of the underprivileged community is also collected.

Funding through the act

The Bill C-81, The Accessible Canada Act is not just words written but it is backed by the finances which the government will spend. The act has made the next 6 years for the disabled in Canada very important. It has been estimated that over $250 million dollars will be spent to make Canada more accessible for the class. There are some clauses in the act which will make sure that the Canadians without disabilities are also given some rights.

How will Bill C-81, the Accessible Canada Act help?

The Bill C-81, The Accessible Canada Act will help the disabled class to enjoy the perks which are highly regarded and were the need of the hours. It will, first of all, make sure that the Canadians that are disabling interact with others in a highly positive manner. From development to compliance and from getting jobs faster this act is all about making Canada as one of the best places in the world when it comes to the people that are disabled.